Sunday, October 5, 2014

First Born

There’s a very special place
in a corner of every mom’s heart
Where the love of her
          first born abides.

Nothing can steal or erase
          her joy, pride, and affection
For the precious child
          she’s carried inside.

We read parenting books
          on what to expect before October 6, 1983.
The afternoon arrived, we rearranged our lives,
          for now we were a family of three.

At 18 months, you scared me half to death,
          You were no where that I could see.
A giggle spun me around, and I saw you
          looking down from the top of the refrigerator at me.

Night times are hard for 3 year old boys
          to calm down and get ready for bed.
But when monsters came to play, we used the magic spray
          and swept them outside on their heads.

One day when you were five, we stayed home from school
         my tummy was feeling very wrong.
With a nod and a wink, you said it must be
   the baby you’d prayed for, for oh, so long.
   (We laughed.  How cute!  Oh, my, could it be?     ….Andy?)                                  

When you were 11, you called the superintendent,
to tell him the cafeteria meals weren’t up to par.
And that year the teachers sent you to leadership camp,
          for they knew you’d go very far!
          (and could end up being their bossJ)

Middle school was challenging.  High school was, too;
          But you made the grades and loved to play ball.
With friends at every school and a smile that lit every room,
         Everyone loved you,  and we loved you most of all.
You grew into a young man facing darkness and fear
          as you began your own journey in life.
But we never doubted and knew you’d find your way back
          home through the dark clouds, confusion, and strife.

Adam, you blessed us with angels we adore;
          Blaze and Addy are gifts from above.
You’re a wonderful father who loves his kids with all his heart,
          and a daddy who has built a home filled with love.

You fell in love with a princess we’d prayed for all your life.
         Lauren has joined our family.
Now, you’re blessing us with a new babe
          in the middle of next year.
        We can’t wait to know if it’s “he” or “she”.

Through the sunny days and clouds we have loved you more
          than even we can truly understand.
For you’re always hidden in the corner
          where the first born abides
         and in the palm of God’s almighty hand.

Everyday we give thanks
          for the sound of your voice
On the phone with Dad
          or sipping coffee visiting with me.

We thank God for watching over you
          and answering our prayers
To become the man
          you were destined to be.

You area man filled with love, hope,
          and laughter, integrity, respect,
A  gentle spirit
        with a zeal for life that never ends.

You are:  Son, Brother, Husband,
                   Uncle, Dad, Cousin,
           Grandson, Nephew, and Friend.

Adam Dwain Garrett, we celebrate YOU today and
every day!  God gave us an amazing gift 31 years ago.
He gave us YOU!  We love you more than more!
                                   Mom and Dad J    10/6/2014

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