Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out???

Maddie & Louie, partners in                   Teddy, the elder
            crime                                                                                           Lucky, the Lookout  
                                                                                Merry, puppy-napper
Who Let the Dogs Out?

Gransie, Grandpa, and Blaze jumped in the truck and took off to find the school supplies.
While Lucky and Teddy stood guard near the porch. Maddie, Merry, & Louie napped inside.

Lucky’s ear shot up, and he peeked around the house.  Yep, they’d surely gone to town.
He woke Old Teddy up and scratched on the door.  It was time to go mess around.

Merry ran to the window Grandpa had opened for some air, and pushed it with all her might.  The three house dogs got out through the crack and soon they were out of sight.

The five had to make haste.  There was no time to waste.  The Garrett’s wouldn’t be
gone very long.  So they got on their gear, and all you could hear was the roar of the engine’s song.

With Maddie drivin’, Teddy holdin’ tight, they drove the 4-wheeler out in the sun.  And the other three strapped on with tie downs, you see…were ready for some fun!

Oh, what a sight!  It must have been a fright for the neighbors as they saw ‘em go by.  Five dogs zooming past as Maddie stepped on the gas….the others held on tight!

Jumping a ditch, they flew over the fence and landed on 2 wheels.  The horses and cows all cheered out loud as the pooches raced through the fields.

With ears and lips flappin’, those little doggies put on a mighty fine show.  But as they rounded the bend, they flew into a spin and threw a cloud of dirt over the road.

                              In the mean time…

 Gazin’ out the truck window, Blaze glimpsed something that made him rub his eyes and scream.  Grandpa slowed way down, looked at Blaze with a frown, but Blaze couldn’t even speak.

He just pointed toward the field and the cloud of dust that covered the truck and road.
Grandpa shook his head and finally said, “I guess Farmer Jim just mowed.”

But Gransie spied something zipping down the road, headed toward their place.  Shaking her head, she dismissed the notion, but a puzzled look stayed on her face.

The Garrett’s pulled up to the house, and Blaze ran into the barn.  Everything seemed to
be just right.  They opened the door, brought in the sacks, and the dogs were sound asleep inside. 

Out on the front porch, Teddie and Lucky were lying down chewing a stick.  Nothing seemed strange at all until Gransie whistled for the guys to come quick.

                        Who took off the window screen?   Burglars?  The wind?  The …..

Naw, they couldn’t have…they all turned to look at the dogs lying on the porch.

         Then, Lucky grinned at Gransie and winked.

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